Hello dear students,

Today we are going to navigate on the use of dictionaries.

There are different ways to access a dictionary. It can be through the hardcover copy, an online dictionary or an app downloaded to a smartphone.

We will cover some of the  most important features of a dictionary to successfully use them in the classroom.

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We use a dictionary when we need to know:

–          How to spell a word

–          What a word means

–          How to choose appropriate definition 

–          How to say a word: pronunciation and accent marks

–          What part of the speech a word is

–          How many syllables are in a word

–          Irregular forms of a word

–          Whether or not to capitalize a word

–          How to abbreviate a word

–          Meaning of prefixes and suffixes for a word

–          How to form derivative of a word

–          The usage label of a word

–          To compare the word with a native language equivalent  

–          How to construct a sentence with the word

Let`s look into a sentence below:

Merriam-Webster Dictionary 

The new employee sent an enthusiastic letter.

A general search 

 A Thesaurus search