Today we are going to talk about a person who makes a difference.

What are some of your favorite movies?

What do you know about George Lucas?

Have you ever watched any of his movies?

George Lucas

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Writing done by students

My Mother: someone who makes a Difference

               My mother does a great job on the life of her 4 children. My mother was born in 1947 in Haiti. She did not have a chance to get a good education but she knows how to read. She was married 40 years ago when my older sister was 6. Her husband used to hit her, so she decided to divorce him and never got married again. She chose to be a single mother by working very hard to raise her children. She is a brave woman who used to work for minimum wage in a factory to bring food on the table, to pay school, and also rent. Since those years, she learned how to be a wonderful homemaker. She always had to prepare something eventhougth she was tired. Instead of going to bed early, she had to manage things, she always wanted to use her day off by selling food, so she could save some money for later.   Thanks God, in the end of her hard word, her day paid off by seeing all her four children graduated in university. My mother is the best mom in the world.

Mother Teresa: someone who made difference in the world

An Albanian nun named Mother Teresa is someone who made a difference in the world. She served poor people while she was alive, she helped them have a better life. She started her missionary in India. She wore simple cotton sari. She worked without any income. She laid the foundation a new community helping the poorest among poor. In 1959 she opened her hospice where she helped a lot of sick people get treatment. In 1996 Mother Teresa operated 517 mission in over 100 countries in the world that helped the poorest of the poor.


Walt Disney: a person who made a difference

Walt Disney is known as the man who created Mickey Mouse. He was an American entrepreneur that changed the American animation industry. He dropped out school when he was seventeen to serve in the World War I and years later he worked as a commercial illustrator making crude animated cartoons. Then he co-founded Disney Brothers Studio. His creation, Steamboat Willie, was the first all sound cartoon. After that, he invented Mickey Mouse, which has the first cartoon with voice and had become one of the most famous character in the world. He built Disney World, the most visited theme park in the United States, where he is considered a national cultural icon. He founded the California Institute of the Arts (Cal Arts) because he wanted to help people to develop their talent for the future. He won more Academy Awards than any other TV-producer. To sum up, he was a dreamer and a futurist person, who believed that the world could be a better place if he contributed with something. Walt Disney is an important figure in the history of the animation. He inspired people, especially by bringing laugh to children when they watch Disney`s happy stories.