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Capital Letters

The general rule is to use a capital letter whenever you start a sentence:

What`s your name?

Open your book.

Can I have a cup of coffee?

Oh, I love your shoes!


Yes, please.

Thank you.


  1. Use a capital letter for the personal pronoun ‘I’:
  • What can I say?
  • Last night I went to bed early.
  1. Use a capital letter to begin a sentence or to begin speech:
  • The man arrived. He sat down.
  • Suddenly Mary asked, “Do you love me?”
  1. Use capital letters for many abbreviations and acronyms:
  • G.M.T. or GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
  • Inc. (Incorporated)
  • USA (United Stated of America)
  • OK
  1. Use a capital letter for days of the week, months of the year, holidays:
  • Monday, Tuesday
  • January, February
  • Christmas
  • Independent Day

(not the names of the seasons: spring, summer, fall, winter)

  1. Use a capital letter for specific groups (countries, cities, towns, languages & nationalities, religions):
  • China, France
  • New York City
  • Chinatown
  • The Middle East
  • Japanese, English
  • European, Hispanic, Asian, Haitian
  • Christianity, Buddhism
  1. Use a capital letter for people’s names and titles:
  • Anthony, Ram, William Shakespeare
  • Professor Jones, Dr Smith
  • Captain Kirk, King Henry VIII
  • President Barack Obama
  • God
  1. Use a capital letter for trade-marks and names of companies and other organizations:
  • Pepsi Cola, Walkman
  • Microsoft Corporation, Toyota
  • the United Nations, the Red Cross
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Boces
  1. Use a capital letter for places and monuments:
  • London, Paris,
  • the Eiffel Tower, St Paul’s Cathedral
  • Buckingham Palace, the White House
  • Oxford Street, Fifth Avenue
  • Jupiter, Mars, Sirius
  • Asia, the Middle East, the North Pole
  1. Use a capital letter for names of vehicles like ships, trains and spacecraft:
  • the Titanic
  • the Orient Express, the Flying Scotsman
  • Challenger 2, the Enterprise
  1. Use a capital letter for titles of books, poems, songs, plays, films etc:
  • War And Peace
  • If, Futility
  • “All the single ladies”
  • Hair Spray Musical
  • The Lion King, Gone With The Wind
  • “Jingle Bells”
  1. Names of specific structures (monuments, bridges, landmarks, statues):
  • Tappan Zee Bridge
  • Taj Mahal
  • Christ the Redeemer
  • Mount Everest
  • Statue of Liberty
  1. Use capital letters (sometimes!) for headings, titles of articles, books etc, and newspaper headlines:
  1. Name of school subjects with numbers
  • Bridge Class Level 5
  • Chemistry 3
  • Literature I

(Based on: When to Use Capital Letters)