Remember the Principal Rule:

A singular subject = singular verb

A plural subject = plural verb


I am a student.

She is a doctor.

My family knows how to celebrate birthdays.

My uncle drives an old car.

My sisters work every day.                                                                 

My neighbors live in their house for 40 years.


1)   Note of your indefinite pronouns

(everyone, each, everybody, someone)

     *will always take a singular verb

       Everyone who contributed to the project is proud to be part of the success.

       Each of the outlet managers is responsible for their outlet’s budget plan.


2)   Watch out for “some” & “all”

* both will be determined whether it refers to COUNTABLE or NOT

Some of the students have voted already.

Some excitement is due to the end of the year

Some of the grains were ruined by the flood.

Some of Madonna`s fans are screaming for her.

All managers are requested to submit their reports by Friday.


3)   Fractional expressions

*will be determined what is being measured, whether it is COUNTABLE or NOT

     One-half of the students have voted already.

Two-fifths of the grain is ruined.


4)   Phrases such as (together, with, along with & as well as)

*will take on singular verbs

Some hay in the barn as well as, some equipment was ruined.

The major spending budget, together with other expenses is awaiting approval.


5)   Either & Neither

     *will take singular verbs when the subject is singular

       Neither the M-team nor Purple Team has got the award.

     *will take plural verbs when the subject is plural

Either the girls or the boys are prepared to do the test.


6)   The use of “There is” & “There are” at the beginning of the sentence

     *note of the subject after the verb, determine if it’s plural or singular

There are several explanations to the incident that happened last night.

There is an explanation to the incident that happened last night.


7) Both, several

* will take plural verb

  Both my parents are from Brazil.

Several NBA players are married to blonde ladies.


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