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What would the language be without adjectives? We us them all the time to qualify things.

It is important to keep in mind that adjectives do NOT agree with the noun they modify in terms of number.

All beautifuls girls.

All beautiful girls.

All rooms were painted in differents colors.

All rooms were painted in different colors.

There are some suffixes worth of checking when it comes to forming adjectives.

their function) in a sentence. However, some word endings (suffixes) are typical of adjectives.



-able, -ible

comfortable, readable, incredible, invisible

-al, -ial

comical, normal, musical, industrial, presidential


beautiful, harmful, peaceful, wonderful


classic, economic, heroic, romantic


aeronautical, alphabetical, political


British, childish, Irish, foolish

ive, –ative

active, alternative, creative, talkative


endless, motionless, priceless, timeless

eous, –ious, –ous

spontaneous, hideous, ambitious, anxious, dangerous, famous


angry, busy, wealthy, windy


(from: Adjectives: forms)