Telling a story is a serious job when it comes to a narrative; choosing the right words, having a chronological sequence, making it personal and connecting to the reader emotionally.

Following this example of narrative technique in class, we see that writing a story can be easier when we first put the events in order.

The day I was late


                I had a frenetic morning last Monday. First, I set my alarm clock the night before for 6 o` clock. Instead of 6am, I wrongly had it for 9am. When I heard the alarm clock, I jumped out of my bed. I started to panic. I was extremely late for work. I could even lose my job if my boss noticed I was not in my desk before our morning meetings. After taking my 2-minute-shower, I threw on some clothes. Next, I got in my car and drove to work as fast I could. When I got in the parking lot, I saw a lot of people outside.  There were many fire trucks outside the building I work. My first thought was that some offices were on fire. Then I got off my car and ran to the entrance. They blocked any passage beyond where I was. After that, I started to look for my co-workers. I saw Adam, the HR manager, so I asked him what happened. He said “Somebody used the microwave to warm up a frozen meal wrapped up with aluminum foil.” The whole break room on the second floor was caught on fire but miraculously no one was hurt. I felt relieved that nobody noticed or minded I was tardy. Finally, I could take a deep breath and stop running around. Now I know I have to make sure my alarm clock is set correctly.

Here are the stories we collected from the class.

Enjoy reading them.