A good paragraph has unity and coherence. In this writing practice we could practice how to keep your ideas in a logical order. We also could effectively write main reasons (main points) to demonstrate your opinion on shopping habits. Each reasons has clear examples (supporting details).

To make this paragraph more interesting and expressive, we used synonyms for shopping online, for example, we substituted shopping for purchase; online for the internet or the web. I was very happy to see my students trying to avoid repetition.

I wrote  a process paragraph on the class topic this week which is REASONS FOR SHOPPING ONLINE.


Shopping for less

                     Shopping habits have been changing since companies found out a lot of people prefer to shop online over the conventional mall shopping. There are three main reasons why consumers are opting out of putting their clothes on and heading to a store. The first reason is commodity. A lot of people would rather stay home and do their shopping quietly, far from noisy crowded stores. Some consumers feel annoyed by the stores loud music or long lines. In the everybody-busy-life, waiting two minutes for a check out – when the school bus is pulling in front of their houses bringing their children from school –  would be too much time to spend in a store. It is common to see that after a long day at the office, many people feel impatient to deal with cashiers who are too slow for their taste. Another reason why online shopping has taken off is competitive pricing. Stores know consumers are getting items for the lowest price they can by searching on the internet. Smart shoppers compare in store prices with the online discounted offers on the same product. Countless times during Christmas time, consumers will probably find free gift- wrapping and extra sale vouchers. It is tempting not buying it when they can get more for less. The final reason for making an online purchase is firsthand products. Many companies launch new products online first. On that note, consumers of beauty industry or technology geeks feel the pressure for purchasing “limited edition” items online. For instance, many stores offer “online exclusive” items for cheaper prices. The items are usually more beautifully packed or it comes in a bundle where consumers get three items for the price of one.  In sum, it is tempting to shop online for savings and guarantee of freebies when spending almost store price.

Kelly Paul Vieira

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