Descriptive paragraphs are often used to describe different things, people or places. We will focus first on the description of ourselves.  

Read this example descriptive paragraph, notice how descriptive paragraphs are arranged by putting together all the sentences about the same person.


Please read some examples of what the students wrote in class.

Something about me!

 I am thirty-nine years old and I was born in Czechoslovakia. I am short stature only 165 cm and my hair is short, too. I am a Roman Catholic priest since 2005. I like my vocation because I have met many people and could speak with them about God, life and love. I appreciate that as a priest I have the opportunity to teach, learn and travel. When I am in the work I wear official priesthood clothes. In my free time I enjoy wearing sport clothes. My sport clothes are connecting with my hobbies. I like any sort of sport, for example soccer, swimming, biking, hiking, tennis etc. Another kind of my hobbies are studying and reading. It helps me expand my knowledge. At this time I am living in Rockland County. I enjoy life here because I am surrounded by beautiful nature and people.


About me in nutshell

            I am 41 years old, tall guy with a short, brown hair and hazel eyes. I always stood in the first place of the que during my school-life, that means I have been tall from my childhood. In most of the time I wear casual clothes, but because of my previous job, I had to wear business casual or a suit. I always make sure that at least I have one blue piece of cloth on me, as the blue is my favorite color. In the last 20 years, I have worked in the advertising industry as a Copywriter and as a Creative Director. But now, I would like to change my profession, and return to my original graduation.  I used to work as a journalist, but now, I would like to try the investigative journalism. It is not easy to change, because of my age and the less income that I can earn in that profession. Except that, I have two beautiful daughters, Dorka and Léna, who are students in a private school… But I am sure, we will solve the temporary problems with my beautiful wife, with whom I have been living in happy marriage for 12 years. I spend lot of time with my family: we usually travel in Europe, make an excursion into forests and go to bike tours in our marvelous country, Hungary. We live in Budapest, in the capital city of Hungary, next to the River Danube and the Margaret Island. We adore our flat and our neighborhood because it is in the center of the city, yet there are lot of green park and beautiful old buildings.


A little about me

           I am twenty years old, short. I have brown eyes and very long hair. I usually wear sport clothes.  However, I prefer casual and formal clothes as is part of my identity. I am a doctor in my country and I hope to become a certified doctor here soon because medicine is my passion. I am a language student since I want to develop my career. I enjoy reading as the books are the pathway to my knowledge. In my free time, I like to cook different plates and appreciate new tastes. When it is possible, I spend quality time with my husband who has supported me in my aspirations. He encourages me to pursue my dreams. I live in Nyack which is a beautiful suburban town. The people are friendly and polite. I really like my neighborhood because it has a wonderful view and I adore the quietness and the peacefulness that it transmits to me.


Wonderland me

I  am  in  my  mid  fifties,  quite  tall.  I  am  from  South  Korea.  I  have  brown  eyes  and  short  blackish  Asian  hair.

I  Wonderland   wear  casual  clothes  because  I  am  a  student  and  yoga  instructor.

I  enjoy  my  job  because  I’m  learning  to  speak,  read  and  write  in  English.

Moreover  I  have  a  natural  ability  for  teaching  yoga,  meditation,  and  some  other  exercises.  Nowadays  so  many  people  are  physically  sick  or  spiritually  lost.

I  love  the  fact  that  I  can  help  them  with  my  practice.  For  me,  helping  others  is  ones  highest  achievement.

I  have  a  strong  interest  in  the  world  and  its  universal  philosophies.

As  I  expand  my  knowledge  I  look  for  ways  to  create  a  more  positive  life  for  myself  and  those  I  teach.

I  get  to  spend  time  with  my  husband  which  gives  me  a  sense  of  belonging  to  the  world.  I  share  my  thoughts  and  feelings  to  make  our  internal  life  better.

As  well  as  listening  to  the  healing  sounds  of  tribal  and  classical  music.  Throughout  the  day  I  like  to  chant  the  Tae  –  euljn  mantra.

Its  a  way  for  me  to  connect  to  the  universe  and  to  my  ancestors.

The  Tae  -eujl  mantra  also  helps  me  to  appreciate  my  life  and  inspires  me  help  other  humans.  At  home  I  enjoy  cleaning  the  house,  gardening  and  cooking  with  natural  foods.

I  like  to  walk  around  Hickory  Hill  Lane  every  day.

Feeling  the  breeze,  listening  to  the  birds  sing,  and  admiring  the  beauty  of  nature  helps me keep optimistic.

I  live  in  a  little  hut  deep  in  the  forest  where  it is very charming and tranquil.

Please come to visit me in my wonderland.

Me, Today

I am a 63 years old Chinese woman. I am short and have black eyes and Asian hair. I usually wear casual clothes because I am already retired and I go to school every day. I have done many jobs in my life such as a farmer, an engineer, a reporter, a translator and a manager. The one I like the most is the translator since it helped me raise my daughter. I got money and learned a lot of different cultures. Through those jobs, I understand how to solve a problem. Some of them are very difficult. I can’t say I like them but I would like to say: Do what you have to do and then you get what you sow. I am still working. I write short stories for children. I am writing a long paper about my family`s history. It is a lot of work but more like a hobby. Although my favorite hobby is watching movie with my family. We always discus the message from the movie right after we have just watched it. I have a new hobby which is oil painting. It only stared a month ago, I like it because it is kind of healing or meditation. I live in a safe suburban neighborhood and a very quiet place. There are a lot of trees. I enjoy the nature around me.

Inside My Scoop

I am thirty-eight years old. I am Syrian-born. I have green eyes and red hair. I wear casual clothes but I love dressy outfit. I am an Arabic teacher but I have worked as a mom for fifteen years. I have three beautiful children and they are the center of my life. My husband and I always try to have time together. When we can share our feelings and our problems. I cook delicious food every day for my family. My kids always eat in five star restaurants and that is what they say. When I have time, I like to sew and knit and I love to create new things from old things that I do not need any more. Outside my house, we have a big garden where I plant my own tomatoes and vegetables. I live in a quiet neighborhood, surrounded by cosmopolitan likeable neighbors.