Idioms are expressions taken as a whole to express a specific idea. It cannot be translated by its individual words.

Consider the text below.  Can you understand all the idioms?

Idioms in an Inference Paragraph

My friend Vanessa knows me since we were little. She has her head in the clouds. I told her I had a doctor appointment in the end of the month. I asked her to go with me. On the day of my appointment, I called her saying I was on my way. She was at a loss of words. She had just gotten up when I rang her bell. I asked her why she forgot I had asked her to go to the doctor with me. She didn`t give me a decent answer. She was going round in circles. She drove me up the walls. It happens every time I ask her to do something important. I know I had to be cool as a cucumber with her. I helped her get dressed. I made a quick sandwich so that she could eat in the car. When I came back to the bedroom, she was in the bathroom for the third time. She said she was feeling under the weather. I can understand, but what about me? I am the one going to the doctor. I had butterflies in my stomach. I didn’t know what disease I had. I could die. I guessed she was not concerned about me. I suspected something was going on with her. She told me she had to do something at the doctor`s too. She couldn`t tell me exactly what it was. I thought that she lost her marbles. I didn`t want us to be fighting like a cat and a dog so I said: “I am all ears. What happened to you?” She looked at me and said: “I have… I am …” . She got cold feet and decided not to finish the conversation.

What is Vanessa hiding from me?


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