Writing about causes and effect of problems seems to be easy when thinking about what is going on with the media and social problems today. Putting our ideas on the paper requires a lot more effort.

cause and effect3

In class we had a chance to talk about many topics:

  • underage drinking
  • smoking
  • headaches
  • lifestyle
  • social media
  • E-texting
  • driving and texting
  • living with parents in adult age
  • pollution
  • ageing population
  • urbanization
  • shyness
  • overuse of technology
  • working from home
  • children at daycare
  • racism
  • poverty
  • abusive marriage
  • overweight children
  • depression
  • middle-aged adult in school
  • alcoholism
  • underage drinking
  • teenage pregnancy
  • robotic
  • drug addiction
  • lateness
  • hybrid cars
  • popularity of reality shows

My students could think about how society plays an important role on the causes of many problems. We also came to the conclusion that the government cannot be blame for every problem but cannot be get out of a number of them.

One technique I use as a brainstorming is the diagrams. For this kind of paragraph it really suits well. Students are able to organize mentally how they want to write a paragraph.


In order to write clearly and stay focused on the topic, my students had to follow the mind map below. It made easier for students to put their ideas on the paper before starting to write the paragraph.

Mind Map to write Effects

cause and effect

Mind Map to write Causes

cause and effect 2

Here are some of the paragraph written in class.

Underage Drinking

           There are three important causes for underage drinking. First of all, underage drinking of alcohol happens due to peer pressure. Peer pressure is the feeling that one must do the same things as other people of one’s age and social group in order to be liked or respected by them. Pressure from peers can influence and encourage their followers to change their attitudes, values and behaviors. Being a teenager can be very difficult. Teenagers are under a lot of pressure to make the right choices. Most parents raise their children to use good judgment. However, friends and peers may pressure teenagers to do things they might not normally do. Each year about 5000 youths under the age of twenty-one die as a result of underage drinking. Consequently, teens must use good sense and strong willpower to ignore pressures from peers. The second reason for drinking at early age is popular media. Every time a teenager sees an alcohol advertisement, it forms an image in their mind. Television beer commercials during sporting events are very well produced with good looking people, slick images of their products and theme music. Because of this type of advertising, drinking alcohol is associated with being cool and having fun with friends. Seeing alcohol in movies can also be a factor in teen drinking. Watching your favorite movie star drinking on the big screen can play a strong role to influence teens to drink. Finally, a factor that is consistently easy to identify is drinking for imitating adults. It’s not uncommon for young people to observe their parents drinking alcohol. Since, Holidays like Thanksgiving, New Years, July Fourth etc… are popular times to consume alcohol. Teenagers see their parents drinking during these times and begin to associate alcohol with being relaxed and having an enjoyable time. Therefore, curiosity takes over and children begin to experiment on their own. To sum up, Social groups, widespread advertising and trying to resemble other people all contribute to underage drinking which is a common experience for young people. If they really want to try to escape drinking alcohol they can do it. Thinking in a strong positive way to modify themselves, making goals, practicing yoga can help to develop a disciplined mindset. Education and a good family upbringing can make it possible to achieve a great life and enable one to fly into the world.


The causes of Drug Addiction

                 Drug addiction has three main causes. The first cause for becoming a drug addict is family problems. For instance, the family had a divorce. It affects someone for drug addiction. Another example is about a couple who I met some years ago. They had four kids. The husband was always drunk when coming home. He hit his wife, so she had to seek escape. She came to my house once, but since that day I found myself going to their house in the middle of fights to stop them. Finally, the couple got divorced. Consequently, the two boys became drug addicts due to the quarrels and all the family issues. The second cause for drug addiction is friends influence. When some people start to have fun, they become addict because they followed their friends. When they go out to night clubs, they start experiencing drugs together. The last cause for drug addiction is unemployment. Since people graduated collage, they cannot find a job. They became drug addict. In addition, they ask for loan to the government then they cannot pay back them also cause of stress and depression. Whoever is a drug addict should visit a council office to get advice, follow procedures in order to stop using drugs.

Under-age drinking

                Under-age drinking has a serious effect in our society. The number one effect in teenagers using alcohol is poor judgment. Because of their immaturity, once a teenager starts drinking, they lose control. Most of the time they make the stupidest decisions they can take. Consequently, be very regretting about in later life. Therefore, unfortunately they will never be able to take them back. Another negative effect in young age drinking is death. Alcohol has also played a big role in car accidents. Each year more than 50 per cent of death that was caused by a car accident were to be blamed on alcohol. Moreover, young missing people especially after party are usually a result of late night drinking. In addition teenagers that become alcoholic seems to be the one that has experience a lot of trouble in their life. For example, a young college student has been killed by police in White Plains not long ago. They claimed that he was under the influence of alcohol. A third effect of alcohol in teens is their behavior issues. Some of them are really misconduct and can steal, involve in fight at school unable to keep a job or good grade in school. Another result is that it is hard to succeed later on, and they become miserable in life. All and all under-age drinking has caused a number of damage in our society therefore, offering alcohol to our young people is not always a good thing and is been prohibit.





                There are many kind of characters. These days, people who are shy are difficult to live. People are busy, have lots of things to do. People who are shy are suffering pain in this complicated society. There are three reasons for shyness. At first, they don’t have a self-confidence. When people failed to do something, they cannot overcome the failure. They have to face it again, but they lose their self-confidence. The second reason for being shy is discouragement. After people failed to do something, that memory recurred and block people to do it again confidently. The third reason for shyness is wrong parenting. Parents do everything for their children, so they don’t have enough experience, and they do not try to be challenged. They cannot come out of the world that parents provide for them. In conclusion, lack of self-confidence, unforgettable bad memories, and the way of being treated by parents affect how people are shy. They should overcome this shyness for living comfortable.


                Studying a career abroad has a lot of effects, that can be positive and negative, and we are focusing in positive things. There are three main positive effects. The first effect of studying abroad is to have more opportunities in the future. In different countries, opportunities can be reduced according to their economy. But if you decide to study abroad it will be beneficial to your life, because you can have more opportunities to do different things according to what you studied. You are not limited to do just one thing, you can work in different areas doing very well in your job. Even, you can be more useful in your work if you have learned new languages, because you are not limited to speak your first language, you will be able to talk and can do business with people around the world. The second effect of learning a new career overseas is that you will be able to get a good job. Most people are used to work doing something that they do not really like, or doing this “kind of job” just because they need to make some money. Studying abroad will be beneficial to you because you can have an opportunity to get a good job, even if you are looking for a job where there are a few chances to work. Some works are required to have a minimum experience but, studying abroad can replace this special requirement. And consequently you can get a good pay. A third effect on being a students in another country is to learn about new cultures. Studying abroad allows to you to know different things. Especially you will be able to learn about new cultures. Experiences with classmates, and discover how the life style in other countries is. Studying a career abroad will have a real impact in your life, pursuing a new career, making new friends and getting a culture boost are among the benefits of it.



The effects of finding the right one

               Select the right one is the most important factor for a happy marriage. The right one can bring many effects to a long and good marriage relationship. For one thing, when the couple is the right one for each other, they should have same frequency, it makes them easy to coordinate and solve problems they will face together. Next, happiness lead to health. The right one can even save each other`s life. A nice relationship helps the body immune system be stronger. Some couple could cure some disease from before. For example, before getting married, someone who has sleeping problems or skin allergy get much better after marriage. Furthermore, if they have children, happy parents will set positive example to their children. To sum up, the right one may not the perfect one, but it is how human being’s relationship work. If you can find the right one, be proud of it. But please, keep discussions deep among to find a common ground and make things simple.


Causes of Robotic in the society

                  It is clear to see how robotic has taken a place in society. There are some causes for the development of Robot industry. The first cause for having robots among the humans is because people have been dreaming that robots can be part of society. Dreams about robot started from 1952 to 1968 in Japan. A manga (comic) series, named “ATONMU” (Astro boy), about a robot boy, as a little superman, to help human being and had nice relationship with his human family and friends. Since this manga, millions of Japanese have been dreaming about becoming a robot engineer. Consequently, it generated an aspiration for robotic. The second cause for robotic in the society is the fast technology development. Therefore, we can see that in Japan there is a “welcome robot” feeling; in the United States there is a “robot arm” working in many factories lines; likely, a radio on WeChat that shows a lot of robot cycles are working in a delivery company. Human being workers just put the item on the robot cycles, it can go to the correct place to put down the item by sense address code. Finally, consequently, nowadays, the ‘humans’ cost is going up, union influence become too much. Those economic and political problems led to robot industry development. In my opinion, human beings need to have a precise robot industry development plan, in order to advance in the future.




Reasons for poverty

           Poverty is one of the biggest issue that ravages the world. It has many faces. It changes from place to place with time. There are three main reasons of this problem which is education, health condition, and natural disaster. To start with, a country with lack of education is poor because education is the key to eliminating poverty. For example, without education, people cannot communicate with great efficiency. They are not able to share ideas and take advantage of valuable opportunities to grow financially mainly. Like Nelson Mandela said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Another reason, without health nothing can get better. For instance, people cannot learn, they cannot work hard to fight poverty. They have to spend huge money to recover. In addition, this increase the poverty rates. Finally, natural disaster can lead a country to drift such as floodwaters, hurricane, earthquakes, and exploitation of the environment.  To sum up, poverty is being unable to get enough education to gather opportunities to a more unstainable life. It is to be sick and not able to see a doctor. The best solution to avoid poverty according to that saying: “he who opens a school door , closes a prison”.

Overusing credit cards

                  Credit cards are essential tools for modern life. However, many people abuse them and get into debt. There are three principal causes why people overuse credit card. The most obvious cause is the consumer culture. In the U.S. people tend to overspend. At the end of the month they have spent more than they have earned; usually they do not stick in a budget and are forced to use the plastic money. Another example is the compulsive buying disorder. Up to 6% of Americans are shopaholic, this kind of person purchase almost every day acquiring unnecessary things. They are likely to buy on TV promotions and online by paying frequently with charge plate until the limit. The second cause for uncontrolled use of credit cards is that most people own many credit cards. When people have a plastic, then they receive multiple tempting offers with low interest, which they are likely to accept. If they have a bunch of cards the probability of spending more is higher. Finally, and not less importantly, the lack of financial literacy can cause a defective management of cards. The people, who do not take the correct decisions and depend on charge cards, do not have the financial experience or knowledge. They rely on affinity cards for basic needs such as, groceries, mortgage, and bills. It has become an indispensable tool in everyday survival instead of being for an emergency saving found. In summary, people overuse credit card because of consumerism, possession of multiples cards, and poor monetary education. Trying to use cash or debit card in place of gold card and spending not more than the amount of money earned really help to have an appropriate usage of credit card.




               Alcoholism is the inability to control drinking due to both physical and emotional dependence. Addicted people may experience various effects that may be incurable. To begin with, it certainly influence their behavior, as a result they become self-destructive, lack of restraint, and they cannot even focus on school. Moreover, agitation takes over even more on teenager’s life. A second effect is losing friends. Whenever a person starts drinking excessively, friends and family notice an alteration in behavior. Family stays trying to help but friends may not continue seeing the drinker for a long time. Last, but not least,   the major effect of alcohol is health problems. Furthermore, the heart needs oxygen to function, but with that addiction the lung lost its ability to send it. Because of that, they experience from respiratory problems and will face a lot of other disease like brain damage. As a drinker, alcohol affects every single part of the body, the bloodstream absorb it, so in the long term the liver breaks down, then it result in cirrhosis. For instance, as there is a connection between pancreas and liver, consequently, they suffer from severe inflammation of the pancreas and then becomes hyperglycemia.   They can prevent those dangerous problems by avoiding drinking or talking with a counselor, otherwise they will interfere with a lot of drama from alcohol.



Excessive diet

                Beauty has been changing as time goes. At a certain period in time, people thought fleshy women were beautiful, but nowadays it is the opposite. Many young women just follow people a skinny body figure. If someone is overweight, less food is good to control the health, but excessive diet has serious effects. The most serious effect is anorexia. Some young women diet too much, although they look like skeleton, they avoid eating food. It affects people die, we can sometimes see reported that young women are dying in the news articles. They need cure not only physical but also mental. The second effect of excessive dieting is people lose their own character. Appearance is important, but the most important thing is people’s personality. If someone’s personality is great, appearance losses the battle for the person`s character. Many times, media urges people to just chase good looking people without thinking, therefore it affects many ones to ignore our own characters. Everyone is different, we should admit it. Third, excessive diet people cannot manage social life well. Many people get along with others sharing information about meals, eating food together. It is a big joy in our lives. If someone diets very strictly, it’s hard to socialize. To sum up, excessive diet affects an anorexia, people lose their own personality, and damage social life. We should keep in mind people who have great soul are beautiful.




Reasons for obesity

           Obesity has become a major problem in population. Research has determined three main reasons that have been blame for that condition. The first reason for obesity is poor eating diet. Many people do not practice a proper eating habit, they fail to manage the intake calories and the amount of consuming daily. The second cause of gaining weight is lack of exercises. Sometimes people are pre-occupied with a busy life style, consequently, they tend to ignore physical work out that is very important for their health. A third serious factor that lead to overweight can be defined as stress. Certain people are dealing with a lot of issues, such as, family, work, and school assignments, in other to overcome their situation. Therefore, they develop some increases of appetite. Based on all the details above we can come to conclude that obesity is caused by the number of calories and the amount of food consumed.


Living with parents after 30’s

             These days the most common family problem is staying- home- kids. There are three main reason for this problem. The most obvious cause for kids to live with their parents is economic problems. These children don’t have enough money to live by themselves because they don’t have a good education and so they don’t have a good salary. The second cause for mid aged children be living with parents is laziness. This problem is due to lack of ambition. They are satisfied with anything that they get from their parents and they do not like to work hard for extra things. Finally, being spoiled by parents in their childhood is another reason for them to stay at home and have this attitude. They are not trained with a tough love and they cannot live independently. To sum up economy, laziness and spoiled kid are the reasons for kids to live with parents. A good recommendation for them is looking for an important ambition to change their life. This ambition for example could be falling in love and getting married, a high salary job, shock them and then they try to work hard for themselves and live independently.

Healthy Lifestyle

                A healthy lifestyle is very important for anyone. There are three major reasons for keeping a good life. First, people who are not healthy, not only the family worry about them, also they bear the pain of spirit. Due to illness, unhealthy people become agitated, they live in pain. Second, when you have a healthy lifestyle, you have a healthy outlook on life. Therefore, they take actions to produce good out comes. Third, when having a healthy lifestyle, people can do anything they like. They go hiking or dancing, for example. Although healthy life style will benefit people, their family also get a positive feeling about how they live.


Mid-age people go to school

                 Learning is one of the most important processes in human life. It starts when a person is born and ends when they die. Age has never been a hindrance to learning. Today we often see people in mid-age attending school. There are three main factors for mid-aged people to go to school. To start with economy, most jobs require superior quality education. However, people who want to have a higher salary must obtain higher certificates. Moreover, people in mid-age attend school to improve their knowledge. With all these developments around them, they don’t want to be left out. They are interested in new inventions and how they can use them, and deal with them. Or they want to learn about something they like but they did not have the chance to learn it when they were younger. The third reason that makes mid-aged people go to school is entertainment. After retirement, some people have a lot of spare time and they want to take advantage of it. Consequently, they choose to go to school and spend their time learning new things. In summary, adults investing in education is important of economic demands, expansion of knowledge and the use of free time, especially for mid-aged people. In my opinion anyone who has free time should fill it with good things and school is one of them.


Divorced parents

           Society is changing around us. What was not very common fifty or sixty years ago is possible today. One of the issues is divorce. Why people get divorced so often today? Here are three reasons. The first reason is due to loss of love. The intention why people begin relationship is sympathy, attraction and love to the partner. For love to partner leads to establish their own family. However, love is not unending essence of relationship and after some time and problems, couples face loss of the love they had. The second reason for divorce is differences. Building marriage is like building a house. Pair who lives together should have some similarities and view for family life as, where to live, how to educate children, traditions, religion and activities. Many differences create troubles which they cannot get over them. The third reason couples divorce is because of media patterns. Media brings for society new challenges. Through them people have many benefits, but on other side media not always inspire doing well. People copy uncritically patterns of TV star couples and follow their timing lifestyle. Loss of love, differences and television celebrity patterns are causes why divorce is spreading nowadays. The solution of these issues will help families stay together during their lifetime.



                 Today, alcoholism becomes the most destroying drug in the world, especially for teens.  There are several reasons why people become addicted to alcohol. To start with, some people just drink for fun and then step-by-step it becomes difficult to give up.  Teenagers drink because they are curious, they want to discover the world of what others do. Moreover, some take up drinking due to the family problems. For instance, if they see their parents fighting all the time, they are likely to start drinking. They think drinking can relieve their stress. Therefore, they become addicted and then they cannot live without drinking.  For having fun, imitation, relieve stress, you can be addicted to drinking.