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This week, my students are writing about successful companies in the world. I had in mind the success of companies that I use to shop or services I like to get from certain companies.

I used the example from the book I work with in class. Check it out.


Here are examples of what my students wrote.

What Made Apple Company a Success?

           Apple has become the world’s most successful technology company. Since 1981 Apple has been producing computers and hi tech devices. Here are five important causes for the success of Apple. First, for any product that Apple creates, the people who create it have to want it for themselves.

        The engineers who are creating Apple products actually make them for themselves. Moreover, Steve Jobs was the chief “user” of Apple products when he was alive. All of Apple’s products are based on the fact that Job’s represented the real customer. In addition, his engineers had to design products that they could not live without. Second, the products have to be easy to use.

         Steve Job’s stressed to his staff from the beginning that to be successful to the mass public, Apple products would have to be user friendly. Their products had to be easy to learn and understand. He knew that even though Apple’s products were of the highest quality, if customers had difficulty using them, they would not buy them. The company’s engineers would go to work every day with the challenge of continuing Job’s principle of creating products that everyone would be able to use and enjoy. The company had figured out a way to appeal to both rookies of technology and computer savvy individuals. This broad appeal of Apple devices was a key reason why its competitors were left behind. Third, great customer service. A clean, bright and friendly retail store where customers can have their technology questions about Apple products answered.

        Customers could also sign up for training of Apple products they purchased, and make appointments at Apple’s genius bar, if there was an issue with their device. This type of service was new and unique to the computer and smart phone industry. Apple was beating its competition with this concept of connecting to its customers. Next, Apple keeps improving their products. They have a philosophy to only make a product if they can do it better. One of their greatest successes was the creation of the music listening device called the iPod in 2001. It wasn’t the first mp3 player, but it took the drawbacks of the previous players in the market and improved on them. The iPod held much more music than the typical mp3 player, about one thousand songs, and it was faster and easier to transfer content. Apple soon dominated the digital music player category with 70% of the market share. Finally, another great success was the introduction of the iPhone. The iPhone was a big hit with consumers because it was not only a phone but it was a new kind of personal computer. Other companies tried to do this but they were unsuccessful. Once again Apple led the way with a quality product that was easy for the customer to use. The engineers at Apple have also created the world’s most popular camera within the iPhone. It takes beautiful photographs and videos and even little kids have no problem using this simple device.

            To sum up, Apple has succeeded as a result of giving their engineers the creative freedom to design innovative items which are simple to use along with offering excellent service and education.


          Costco is one of the most successful retail companies. It is the world fourth-largest and the USA second retailer. They have more than 700 stores most of it in North America. There are many reasons for its success which did not come by chance. First of all, Costco has a statement that Costco carry only very high quality products. This is reflected in the quality of the vegetables, meat, dairy, bakery and deli department, it is always fresh and clean. In addition, customers can get a sense of that in the Kirkland signature, the private label that only available in Costco. Also, Costco is the largest fine wines seller in the world. The second reason that makes Costco success is big savings. Costco has the best prices on all goods they sell. They offer packaged item in a large size or multi-pack in low prices compeer to the other retailer. Also for extra saving they provide monthly coupons book mailed to the member’s home. Moreover, customers in Costco earn money back from the member-ship program. Finally, Costco one of the best retailer because they have a very good policy for their employees. Costco workers have one of best salary compared to other employers in similar company. One of the benefits that Costco offer greet health care plan that covered prescription drug, vision and mental health and substance abuse plans as well-at no extra cost. Also, Costco committed to pay a high pension to their labors. All that lead to a happy employee, and happy employees is the key of success. Ultimately, Costco has succeeded as results of high quality, great saving, and satisfied staff.

Credit card companies

Everyone knows what money is and I hope that everyone agrees that we need it, but carry money is not very practical and safe. Small, tiny, plastic cards have changed payment method. People used to pay in cash, now more and more by credit card. Why are they so successful? Here are some reasons. First, credit cards are convenient. Instead of wide wallet which people used many years, the bill may be paid with a small card and people are likely to spend more money because a credit card is like a bank. What it means is that men could carry more value than paper money. A second reason why credit card is practical is its safety. With card folks may pay high sum, but when is stolen, in short time through provider could be blocked and save money. A third for credit card to be successful is the electronic shopping. Internet is more and more popular and used for shopping too. With this kind of shopping we cannot use classic money. A final reason credit cards are a success is the benefit someone can get from having one. Banks offer some benefits when folks have an account and may collect some points and later have some discount. Credit cards really have changed purchase and selling and without them people do not go any more to the mall.



               Every person that has access to internet knows what Google is. There are three basic reasons why Google is the most successful company around the world. First, it is an accurate search. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who created Google in 1998, had the idea that all the information in the internet could be organized. Then, they decided to design a search engine that showed the results in order of their popularity. Now, Google interpret what the people want and looking for the exact information that they need. Its results have a higher standard, are more precise, reliable and faster than other searchers. Second, in these days, when technology is used very often, it is easy to access. Google has software for mobile and other gadgets. For example, people can log in from their cell phones, tablet, laptop, etc. with the Google applications. Hence, people obtain information at anytime and anywhere. Also, has a simple homepage, which has only one thing to do, search; It is not crowded just type the topic in the box and press enter. Thus, people of all ages can utilize it without confusion. Finally, Google is successful because it offers extra services aside from its search feature. It provides free tools related with internet such as, Gmail, Google drive, Google map, Google translate Google docs and many more. Those services make people’s life easier. Even, some people say “Google is your best friend.” In conclusion, Google`s company has become part of our culture by its impeccable search design, compatible to different gadgets and expanded ways to ingress web tools to daily life.


Starbucks is a well-known and worldwide coffee store branch in the world. People want to grab a coffee with a green symbol mark on it. Starbucks has grown up from a small, local business store in Seattle, but these days it has been spreading out over 65 countries. What strategies have made it possible? At First, the main reason is their marketing strategy. They are trying to make the same quality and taste over the countries. Not only trained barista but also the system made it. They do not advertise their product on commercial. They invest their money on their products and stores instead of commercial. They use SNS (Social Marketing Site) platform with customers who are satisfied with their product and store service. By using SNS, they have been making a group of customers who follow it. They got loyalty and friendliness of customers through SNS. It enhanced brand value, and has a great influence on buying their product. They analyzed the customers and tried to cater to their needs. They also launched a social contribution campaign, participated in community engagement activities and bought coffee beans ethical way, so their brand value was enhanced. To keep their brand value, they do not cut down their price, even though they give free coffee. Second strategy is concentrated on customer service. They pay attention to everything for customers even a small wall painting. Customer can use mobile application and siren order system, so customers can save money and time. They also have “call me name” system. Customers feel friendly by being called by their name. In store, they do not turn on loud music, and keep a good coffee smell. They provide sofa and chair for customers to choose to sit on. They try to make their own atmosphere. Third, they think people who work for company are most important. They call employees including part time workers partners. Starbucks is voted one of admired companies for worker by FORTUNE magazine every year. They provide stock option named Bean stock for employee including part time worker, on line education course, and health care. Starbucks CEO raised minimum wage voluntarily. They made people feel proud of being a Starbucks employee. People drink coffee, and keep social life as they are drinking coffee together. Starbucks sells coffee as well as culture. They have been trying to make their store land mark for meeting. People just say “ Let`s meet in front of Starbuck’’ even though they go another place. In conclusion, there are three strategies that affect Starbucks to succeed – social media ads, focus on customers and employee care – this company will continue to grow further.



WeChat, a Chinese social chat app, has 700 million users in China and now even foreigners have started to use it. It creatively has changed Chinese people’s lifestyle, helped people have closer relationships, and even changed industry rules. There are three important causes for the success of WeChat. First, everything is free to use. The mother company Tencent, a Chinese company listed in the USA and Hong Kong, invented WeChat and continues to fund the operations. Second, it has many functions to meet people’s daily needs such as chat, making voice calls, sharing photos or articles, gaming, online shopping and bill payment. Everything on one App, just one click to go to any function; it is very convenient. The image or item can be converted in different apps, so you can send it by email, save to an album, or forward it to others. Finally, in the background of those rich features are the powerful technology: Svrkit – Client, LogicServer, OssAgent, and WYSIWYG. Just this March 2017, WeChat made Open source software available to users to participate in micro-innovation. To sum up, modern Chinese culture has become inseparable from WeChat due to its free fees, convenience and well-designed technology and it is still growing.