In Level 5, we started writing by studying the structure of sentences. We studied simple and compound sentences. Then we learned how to form complex sentences. After that, we learned how to write various kinds of well-organized and well-developed paragraphs which were a an essential way to practice writing. I could see all my students putting their ideas on paper. They were able to organized the ideas, generate discussions in class and most importantly, learn how to write. Now, writing an essay was a new task.  Writing an essay is a lot like writing a paragraph, in a deep way. An essay has more of a clear development of ideas. The examples of an essay support the elements of a thesis, of a problem. It is a longer paper, definitely.

Our first challenge was to write reasons.

The essays below were submitted by my students.

Students`s essay


Why people exercise

           Hundreds of times I have been told by my doctor that exercise is good for me, and hundred times I have been ignoring his advice. I stayed like that until I found out why people like to exercise. People do like to exercise in order to have a healthy life style, beautiful body and to be mentally strong.

           Perhaps one of the most obvious reason that makes people exercise is to have a healthy long life. People who work out in daily basis usually have strong, healthy bodies and they are less likely to suffer from illness. Besides having a healthy body, exercise makes people lose weight and live longer. In addition, people exercise to protect themselves from diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Athletic people is a great example on how a daily routine of exercising can help to get strong and have a healthy life.

       Moreover, staying healthy is not the only reason that makes people love exercise. Also, beautiful shape plays a big role in the turnout to exercise. Women usually like to be skinny with flat stomach and aerobics is the only way to get the perfect shape they dream of. Men also like to build their body and develop nice looking muscles. Exercise gives people self-confidence because they feel satisfied with their body shape. For instance, people hire personal trainers in order to get fit.

      Besides strength and beauty, people also exercise to increase their mental ability. A good exercise leads people to think clearly. Exercise not only gives the brain oxygen and energy, but also strengthens the memory and the ability to learn. Today a lot of schools focus on sports education to boost students` minds and memory. In addition, aerobics makes people feel happy because it gives them positive mode and reduce stress. Walking in the park can be helpful after a stressful day or to change sad or angry mode.

      In conclusion, it is clear that people go for exercise due to the healthy body, beauty, and strong mentality. Having one or two kinds of physical exercise in your daily routine may add a positive change to your life.


Why Chinese outbound international travel a lot

         For about ten years from today, Chinese people have traveled a lot around the world. Some data shows that growth as 50.000 Chinese traveled in 2000 to 57.0000 in 2010 (CCL Worldwide CONDIDENTIAL AND PRIOPROTARY Copyright 2016), then the data reached 120 million in 2016 (China Tourism Research Institute and Chinese freedom to travel, money to enjoy life and motivation to expand culture has contributed to Chinese outbound international travel to become a big number in recent years.

         First of all, China was retreat lock country until almost forty years ago. Since late 1970’, government is taking new policies and guidelines to make the economic keeps growing and open the border and make more legal holidays. Before that, only few people could travel to other countries. After working hard for 40 years, even the whole life, many families accumulated enough wealth to live an amazing life. Consequently, now the age of 60’ people who are already retired, have more than enough retirement for just to live, they even accept parent’s heritage. Other age favorite tourism is 30’ year-old-people, if they have good income or if some aren’t have own families. Those people constitute a tour of the main force.

        Second, extra money gives Chinese people the possibility to enjoy life. It is generally known that Chinese are gourmet. Additionally, curiosity makes them want to travel all over the world, to try different food, than to see the view of natural and humanistic landscape. For example, they come to the USA, go to Canada, pass through Europe with family or friends, take pictures and videos and write travel notes, show on WeChat, get many ‘likes’, that really makes them happy and pleased. A video about two 60’ year-old- women who traveled to Norway to see the northern lights, got more than 102,000 views, shows how much Chinese people enjoy traveling.

        The other important reason for Chinese increase in traveling is Chinese culture. Respect the old and cherish the young (respect the aged and take good care of children), it is the Chinese tradition. When they say enjoy life that includes every family members together. Sometimes, a travel plan is the best of gift for their hardworking parents. If you know how hard Chinese people work, you will agree they deserve it. Other Chinese tradition is never tired of studying. Now, more Chinese understand English, they can get information by reading English resources. Some Chinese people want to learn other cultures or skills as go to Japan to learn how to make Japanese cake, go to France to learn about art. Some Chinese go overseas to study or do business. It is learning how to deal with the alien culture environment. All of them make the number of outbound international traveling become very large.

          In conclusion, compared with the closed door forty years ago, Chinese have extra money and time to enjoy outbound international traveling. That opened their eyes to new cultures, and also it opened other nation’s eyes to the boost in economy that Chinese travel offer.   Naturally, Chinese people will continue to work hard and by travel to expand their cultural knowledge from generation to come.

Advantages of having aircrafts

       Since ancient times, transportation was very crucial to the survival of human beings. Today, everyone uses different methods of transportation. One of these advanced method is air craft. This means of transportation saves time, money, provides convenient way to import valuables goods and save people during natural disasters.

       Perhaps the most obvious effect of traveling by aircraft is saving time. Airplanes are the fastest and easiest way to travel for long distance in a short amount of time. For instance, traveling from New York to Florida usually takes eighteen hours by car. On the other hand, the same distance would not take more than three hours if you are using an airplane. The time saved by traveling by air plane indeed can be useful for other things.

       Besides saving time, traveling by airplanes can also save money. Using aircraft for transportation can be good for your bucket. Instead of spending money on motel and gas during a long-distance trip, you will only have to spend money on a plane ticket. In addition, traveling by planes can save money for the government. Rather than spending money on road and train track construction, only airport have to be constructed.

            Furthermore, aircrafts are a quick and easy means transportation to import and export light goods. It is quite convenient to sand costly invaluable merchandise like gold, Diamond and electronic devices overseas using an airplane. For example, FedEx has very large fleet of freight planes that deliver goods worldwide. As shown, using airplanes to transport goods is a smart idea. Moreover, aircraft can be useful during natural disasters. Helicopters can be very helpful to rescue people during floods or earthquakes. Also, aircraft are usually used to put down forest fires. Last year California experienced a forest fire that would not have been put down without the use of firefighting aircraft.

           In conclusion, aircrafts are one of the most valuable inventions due to the advantages they provide in terms of time, economy, convenience, and their capabilities. They have played an important role in the development of the world in the twenty centuries.


Why people are getting higher education

          Education is the tool for us to manage our life activities and to advance our knowledge for better life. Therefore, people seek for more information and work hard to pursue their higher education. People all over the world are getting their education in order to get their successful goal and their career. People get education in order to expand knowledge, find jobs and make money, and become famous leaders in their society.

         A lot of people get their higher education because they seek for more knowledge. Even though, they started their basic education when they were younger, they failed to continue on their educational knowledge on early adulthood. For example, a woman who decides to stay home and raise her children for years to come, can always go back to school and continue education. It is the necessity for knowledge that motivates her to invest in education.

       Moreover, today with our education and knowledge people can manage financial life and make a luxury life by finding right jobs. When people continue their education to higher level, they can reach higher position in their field or in the company they work. For example, I used to work for a company for seventeen years, however, the way I started was working as office assistant with little experience. The company kept sending me to take more seminars classes until I got enough experience to move to higher positions. Consequently, my salary kept going up and I started to feel that I was more financially capable, and more mentally and physically stable.

        Meanwhile, there are agreements and commitment between nations to advance the educations and their knowledge. This is why people travel long distances to other countries in order to pursue their science knowledge. For instance, my country, Jordan, sends thousands of students to the U.S.A. every year to study medicine, engineering, and a variety of subjects. Moreover, our students exchange their experience with their American partners. Expertise attend their conferences about their scientific and economic issues, for example. Our MD Doctors and Engineers are so educated and knowledgeable in many aspects of life. It is our obligation to be recognized among the nations as a country as well as people.

        In conclusion, education is a very important tool to advance in life and to exchange experiences among nations. Moreover, it creates more jobs especially for people who invest in higher knowledge. In addition, education can make people more recognized and leaders in their society.


Why people succeed

         Many people want to be succeed. To succeed you have to work hard and you have to have a dream and goals. Why people want to succeed? It is due to having to get education, to live a better life and to be knowledgeable and a critical thinker. I am focusing on the best three reasons.

       First of all, people who are to succeed work hard and study every day. They keep studying, do homework. In addition, they reduce sleeping hours in order to study more. Successful people keep a goal to reach. Moreover, they keep focus on their goals. For instance, Oprah Winfrey is a successful person. She came from a poor family and became one of the most successful people in the U.S.A. She is also helping Africa to build in school for poor people who do not have chance to go to school.

      The second reason why people succeed is because they want to have a better life. They find good jobs with a decent salary. They can afford paying the bills also they desire what you need. For example, a nurse is a person who leaves home early, goes to a long working shift and come home exhausted. Still, she is able to commit to house payments, educate her children and get certified in school.

      The final reason some people succeed life is that they are knowledgeable and critical thinker. They have a wise mind. When people ask them for advice, they are able to help. Moreover, they help their family and the community. Furthermore, they have to have confidence. For example, my brother is knowledgeable and helpful in the family all the time. He also solve problems beside that he has own family. He has to work hard and study. He is successful professional in political science. He is helping a community too.

       To sum up, people who succeed have to work hard and focus their goals. They also have time management. I recommend to have achievement. You should not give up for any reasons whatever happened your life. Do not give up even when you have problems.