Minutes or even hours… writing a paragraph can take time. Writing is an art that requires practice. It does not appear like magic! It requires practice, a mental practice and a physical effort to put ideas on a paper.

Today we started practicing Outlines. It is a fast way to make an “skeleton” of a future to be paragraph.

I gave the whole class the mission to write an outline so that everyone could experience the process of writing an outline.

First, they brainstormed the idea. I wrote their ideas on the board as a list. The topic sentence is: McDonalds is the worst fast-food restaurant in town.  here is the list:

  • not healthy
  • greasy food
  • salty food
  • fatty food
  • not hygienic
  • not high quality products
  • processed food
  • chemicals
  • sugary
  • not fresh
  • is not pricey but you will pay for high price for your health
  • gain weight
  • low-wage job

Students discussed the list and they decided on three major reasons. After that, they thought of minor examples to support each reason why McDonald is the worst restaurant in town.

This the result of the writing process:




McDonalds is worldwide chain restaurant famous for making kid-friendly meals and low-cost fast adult hamburgers. However, McDonalds is the worst fast-food restaurant to dine.


A.      First of all, the quality of the food is not sufficient for a healthy diet.

a.       There are lot of processed food, such as the meat used in the Mcburgers and the chicken nuggets.

b. The food is greasy, fatty, salty and sugary. When you order McChicken, you will taste the meat being greasy in your mouth. Also, the food is very gassy. You may want to stay far from others after eating their “non-happy” meals.

c. The feeling of fulfillment saturates the freshness of the food.


B.      A second reason to avoid eating at McDonald is the price you will pay later. Your health will decreasingly deteriorate as you dive in the French fries or the burgers.

a. Because you eat greasy food, you will develop high cholesterol and diabetes. Consequently, you will have high blood pressure and obesity.

b. chances are you will have to take medication for the rest of your life.


C.      Finally, McDonalds offers not only low cost food but also low-wage employment.

a. Employees work an average part time 6 hours for no more than $12 per hour.

b. The incentive for better working conditions are minimum where employee might work all year without promise of payment increase.

c. Working on a fast paced but short staffed team


Before going to order your next Big Mc, consider these three major reasons.

The conclusion will be worked on when the students are ready to write the paragraph.

After this point, students will write the paragraph. An outline is the first step to organize a paragraph efficiently.

Thanks all my students for the hard work.