Successful companies are always on people`s conversation. When the topic is shopping online, there is no way for avoid mentioning Amazon or even eBay. Both represent well what a successful company is. Another example of retail success in in the food industry. Names such as Whole Foods and Costco were part of what we consider to be example of success.

I asked students to write about successful companies and the reasons why they are on top of out list.

All the paragraphs below were written by students on Level 5.

Paragraph 1



Dunkin Donuts was created in 1950. The company provides food like donuts, sandwich and coffee. This business have many reasons to be a successful company. The first reason is the donuts decoration which attracts people by their fresh, delicious and color. During main holidays, they make some donuts coordinate with the color of the day, for example, the 4th of July donuts are blue and they put stars on the top. For Halloween they bake donuts like spiders with the color black and orange. The second reason  is the price. It is less expensive and they have many offers  that people like. As well as you can find their products in other places and you can make your own coffee in your house whenever you want. Third reason for Dunkin Donuts success is efficiency. They make easy and fast for customers to get a donut or coffee for people  before  going to work or school due to its location near public transportation. If people don’t find one store, customers have the possibility to find it online, as well as they can see Dunkin Donuts menu. In conclusion Dunkin Donuts shows that design of the donuts, it’s important to attract consumers attention by the price of the donuts and easy location is valuable.


Paragraph 2

Samsung: a brand spread around the world

Samsung is a Korean multinational company which involve numerous affiliated business in the industry of technology. It was founded by Lee Byungchul in 1938 as a trading company. Nowadays Samsung  is recognized globally as an industry leader in technology and is one of the ten highest brand value worldwide. There are three main causes for the success of Samsung. The first reason why Samsung is flourishing is for the capacity of innovation. They sell to people not only appliances and  electronic stuffs, but  they effort to offer the newest introduced technology. Therefore, this ability maintain them on the vanguard  of the technology and allows people to be actualized. The second cause for Samsung be successful is the marketing strategies. Their products are focused on the characteristics of what customers want and need. In addition, the product variation is the most powerful aspect of its strategy on the market. Samsung’s creative marketing can be seen in their smartphones showing what their products can make possible. The third explanation why  Samsung has succeed on its electronics business is due to the reliable brand. Samsung is one of the most trusted brand with high quality and an elevated customer satisfaction . Also, its products are characterized by their durability and resistance. The corporation has been named as the most reputable technology company by the United States. To conclude, Samsung is a prosperous company since it has revolutionary technology, an adequate  marketing system and an efficient quality.


Paragraph 3


      Amazon is one of the most successful companies of all times. They sell many items on the Internet and in most of the time many more items than you can find in a regular store. This company was founded by Jeff Bezos in Seattle, Washington on July 5, 1994.There are many reasons why they reached success. The first reason for Amazon success is lower prices. You can find items cheaper than the big physical stores. A second reason Amazon is successful is a variety of products. They started selling books on their page and now you can find not only books but also a variety of old, new and modern items. A final reason for Amazon triumph is the fast delivery. Their system is safe and reliable. All the items customers order are delivered within 2 days for prime members. In conclusion Amazon high shopping proves why it is on top of all successful companies in the world.

Paragraph 4

The success of HUAWEI company

   HUAWEI is a most success technology company in China. They only have thirty years of history, started with just less $3500. Nowadays, Huawei is a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider. They have established a competitive ICT portfolio of end-to-end solutions in telecom and enterprise networks, devices, and cloud technology and services. Their products and services are used in more than 170 countries and regions, serving over one-third of the world’s population. Three reasons has made them successful. First of all, they have a strong technical force that many other countries see as an example. Powerful as the United States does not dare to let them into US market for their 5G technology. AT&T and Verizon, this two US telephone companies, are broken their contracts with HUAWEI by US government’s pressure. Apple, the famous US company, has spent hundreds of millions  every year to buy patent rights from HUAWEI. The smartphones they produce are becoming more popular. Second reason is the leader ZHENGFEI REN, who founded HUAWEI, is full of charisma. He demanded his 180,000 staff high but well paid for them. Not only the employees are well paid but also they were given 98% company’s stocks. The staff work hard for themselves and stay long-term for the company. Finally, HUAWEI’s management have profound wisdom to do business. They know how to put every staff do team-work, be creativity. They know how Chinese marketing is different from marketing in other countries. Their strong execution making the huge business working as one. In Chinese, in Europe, in Africa, in South America and so on, every HUAWEI staff dose the same effort. In summary, HUAWEI has succeeded by their leading technical force, powerful leader’s charisma, execution and management.

Paragraph 5

The success of Toyota

Toyota ,a Japan – based automaker company had become the best and reliable car manufacturing company in the world since it had been created in August 1937. By referring to the whole story of this company four reasons can prove its success. First of all , the Toyota production system (TPS) .The TPS had been established in order to create high quality vehicles at the lowest cost. For example, if someone is looking for a good car and asks a friend about which one to buy, certainly this person will answer “Toyota” BY referring to the TPS(High quality,lowest price).The  second reason is their obsession with waste of time. At Toyota, they  do not  accept any inefficiency because they want to fix everything well, but by using less time than it took the first try. For instance,If they attach something to a car in 20 minutes next time they will try to do it in 15 ,10 or less. The third reason why Toyota is successful is the humility. Here, the word humility gets another meaning. In Toyota there is no discrimination, everyone who works there is considered equal to each other because the best the employee is treated, the best is the result. As a result ,they are focus on teamwork when creating new things.To illustrate, let’s take a look at the way certain companies treat their employees. Some of them are divided as followed: one class is isolated and  gets the hardest part of the job with a low salary while another one benefits from that situation and almost doesn’t have anything to do and gets well paid.This kind of scenario doesn’t exist in Toyota .Even if they are not the CEO, they are all respected and glorified for their job.The last reason of its success is the long- term planning. At Toyota they think ahead  of the future. They don’t respond to trends.For example, the Toyota prius hybrid created in 2000 is about transforming into an electric car for the future.To conclude,Toyota has become the most reliable  car manufacturing company for his TPS,the efficiency of its employee and his long-term planning.


Paragraph 6


Costco has became the world’s most successful wholesale store since it was opened in 1976 under the Price Club name in San Diego. The first Costco warehouse location was opened in Seattle in 1983 and they merged with Price Club in 1993 to become PriceCostco. It was the first company to grow from zero to $3 billion in sales in less than six years. Today Costco generates annual sales of about $126.17 billion and operates a total of 741 warehouses over world wise. There are three important causes for the success of Costco. The company has been managing with sustainable principle and responsibility. First, Costco owns the company with membership system and all members get the merchandises at not only good price but also good quality. Their prices which are reasonable – normally cost less than other stores. Moreover, they have tremendous merchandises which are groceries, bakeries, electronics, furniture, clothes, kitchen goods, books, toys and so on.  Second, their business are very responsible, resilient and relevant for their customers and employees. The customer service has cash reward program, excellent return & exchange service policy and price match system. All these services are more attractive to customers who are shopping in Costco and they are very satisfied with. Also, they offer a great well fair which is Code of ethics for their employees. All customers and employees are happy to be there. Finally, Costco is very composite and convenient shopping place where offline and online work efficiently. They almost have all departments which the community need to live by. There are also gas station, travel, pharmacy, optical, photo. All in all, Costco has succeeded as a result of thorough marketing plan, responsible management and enormous departments to satisfy people’s needs.

Paragraph 7


Digicel is a “mobile phone” network provider operating in 31 markets across the “Caribbean, Central America and Oceania” regions. The company was founded in 2001 April 19th, owned by the Irish billionaire “Denis O’Brien” is incorporated in “Bermuda” and based in “Jamaica”. It has about 14 million wireless users. Digicel’s various business units and affiliates all fall under the “Digicel Group”.

In 2001, however, Jamaica decided to open its phone market up for competition. Digicel first established itself in April 2001 in Jamaica. It grew to 100’000 customers there in approximately 100 days. In Haiti, where they launched operations in May 2006, the company now has 2’4 million customers making Haiti Digicel’s largest customer base to date.

Before Digicel came to Haiti, there were “Haitel, Comcel and Orange”, the two first were more popular but not only expensive, they were abhorrent because the customers pay for incoming and outgoing calls. The worst thing, you could have a phone and could not make a call despite of the dearth. With the advent of Digicel, it was a relief for low-cost phones and we were only paying for incoming calls. After these events, the Digicel has experienced a considerable boom in popularity with the “Digicel Foundation” for helping people, “Digicel stars” to reward talented musicians, every year, and its union with the “Marriott Hotel” in Haiti.


The Digicel occurs in the most remote areas of the country. The popularity of the telephone company digicel is done with the ridiculous prices of phone sales, cheap incoming calls as well as the internet system. Digicel was a great success because it opened to all the country and for all wave with small purses.

Paragraph 8

How Has Whatsapp Been So Successful in such a short time?

WhatsApp is a cross-platform instant messaging service for smartphones that relies on the internet for the transmission of messages. It was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, both former employees of Yahoo!. The service is one of the most popular mobile apps worldwide with more than 1.5 billion monthly active users. There are three important reasons for the success of this company. First, simple interface user. Its design for user acquisition is by far the simplest. All you have to do is enter your phone number, and overall app design is fairly good. Second, innovation. They do not stop making updates (minor, mostly), which makes the users feel that they are using an app that cannot be extinguished. At the beginning the application only allowed to send messages, however, today users can send and receive photos, videos, documents and location, as well as voice calls, even with the last update there is the possibility to delete messages that were sent by mistake to the wrong person. Finally, the price. Whatsapp does not have any cost and consumers can download it easily from any smartphone. The question then is how does Whatsapp make money? The answer is thanks to professional services. WhatsApp uses tools that allow users to communicate with businesses and organizations. Direct communication with the financial institution, with an airline to know the status of an airplane or with a restaurant to reserve a table. In conclusion, they became “Google of messaging apps” due to their simplicity, the innovative ideas of its founders and its global accessibility at no cost.

Paragraph 9


         McDonald has become one of the most  successful business company  in the world. It was founded in  1954 and now it  can found anywhere in the world .  In addition  today the fast food industry has grown over $6 billion. Also, it provides different kind of food and beverages, such as mcchicken, cheeseburger, sandwich, chicken mcnuggets. There are three important causes for the success of McDonald. The first  reason why McDonald  is successful is the price. You can buy any  meal  by a  reasonable  price, for example,  6pc chicken mcnuggets are  $3.99 and any hamburger starts at is $2.49. Moreover, for every happy meal, the kids get different kind of toys. Therefore, the kids are extremely happy. Another reason  McDonalds hits is  its fast service. It sells 3 burgers and variety of ingredients in a minute. Furthermore, the service is reliably and efficient either inside or drive thru. Also they are able to react based on demand of the consumer. Another reason for McDonald’s triumph is  consistency. If you are in California, Canada or Australia you can get the same service in any McDonalds restaurant. Furthermore, they adapt their regular menu to the country where the restaurant is. For instance, a McDonalds in China offers Chinese rice. To sum up, McDonald is  successful because of its low price, international consistency achievement and fast service.

Paragraph 10

The most popular wireless company

T-Mobile U.S. traces its roots to the 1994 established of voice stream wireless corporation. Purchased by the Deutsche Telekom AG in 2001 for  $ 35 billion and renamed T-Mobile USA in July 2002.The T-Mobile brand is the majority owned by the German’s communication company. This company provides communications services – it offers wireless voice, messaging and data services along with mobile phones and accessories products. T-Mobile is being successful because of three main reasons. The first reason is that it has been activated in many countries such as Australia, Czech Republic, Puerto Rico, Netherlands, Portland, USA and more. Since then, it has become very popular around the world with a number of 50,000 employees in 2016. In addition to that, even though the brand operates in Europe but the USA is the largest territory with 72. 6 million of mobile customers. The second reason that helps the company to be successful is when in 2013 it bought its  smaller rival metro PCS via a reverse merger and combine it with T-Mobile who owns about two-thirds of the combined company. Also, it continues to combine with other company like Verizon and AT&T. A third reason is the catching promotion for the services. The company always has new offer for the customers, for example, update the data services or new products. Also, they offer 4 lines in only one mobile phone, new family plan for less money. It keeps them close to their customers. To sum up, we can see how T-Mobile has become the most popular and successful cell phone through its capacity to be activated in many countries, to combine with other company and get the majority, and stay connected with all customers via good offers and advertising.