The over use of the cellphone comes as a consequence of the facility of checking immediate information. The cell phone brings the world to the palm of our hands. Why wouldn’t you check your phone when it rings? or when it vibrates? The "You've got Mail" phenomenon circulates freely in our society. 

However, some disastrous effects can be waiting  to take place as people use cellphone without consciously think about it.

Our topic was to develop the negative effects of overusing the cellphone.

  • All paragraphs were written by students in Level 5, 2018.

Paragraph 1

Smartphone, my best or worse friend?

Digital telephones have become one of the most indispensable gadget on technology nowadays. Ninety one percent of American adults and sixty percent of teens own a cell phone. The average that a  person spends using a phone is 144 minutes a day during a period of 16 hours. For most of people the phone is the first thing they see in the morning and the last thing they use before getting on bed. There are three important adverse effects of excessive use of smartphones. The most significant  negative effect of overusing the phone is the social isolation. People who spend more time on the phone compared to what they spend on interaction with others individuals, create a social isolation. Therefore, the exaggeration of using the mobile will affect the daily communication skills and decrease  the natural relationship of human being. For example, a kid who grow up with a constant use of phone, will avoid the personal communication and will develop a fear to interact with people. The second disagreeable consequence of overplaying cellphone is accidents by distraction. One of the most negative side of cellphone is when it is used while driving. A lot of fatal traffic accidents happen while people are texting and driving. In addition, smartphones create distraction in other situations that end in accidents such as, texting while walking on the street, taking pictures in a museum, taking selfies in dangerous places and using media at work. Also, wireless cellphone create distraction at school that causes a deficient performance by the students. The last disadvantage of the unreasonable use of cellphone is the biological effects. People who depend on their phones tend to have certain health problems. For instance, sleep disturbances, vision problems and wrist pain. Moreover, the constant ringing, vibrating and the frequently remainders may increase anxiety and stress. To sum up,  for a lot of people smartphones are their electronic life companion and this situation can lead to unfavorable outcomes. It is essential that people have an adequate management of the time spending on the phone to avoid those undesirable effects.


Paragraph 2

  Excessive use of cellphone

Nowadays the technology have an incredible advance, consequently , the cellphone too. They are very useful in study, in business and other fields. Also it permits people to stay connected with their family no matter how far they are. However, the smartphone has a lot of negative effects. First of all , people started to be antisocial with one other. For example, during the lunch time with friends the most of people are texting with the other or reading the posts on Facebook or Instagram instead of talking to each other. A second negative effect is that they can affect the health of the people. Cell phones receive and transmit radio frequency signals that can damage people’s body and can cause irreversible illness. Finally, the excessive use of cellphone combined with driving can put people’s lives in danger. Most of car accidents are because of the usage of cellphones while driving. To sum up, these are three of many negative effects of excessive use of cellphone.

Paragraph 3


    Since a few decades ago, phones have become more popular and more useful. Their utility cannot be contested but it is also have many negative effects in the society . Everyone uses their phone in a different way. Two kinds of users should be considered those who cannot stand without it ,and those who get it just for their phones calls. Therefore, the few lines that followed will be used to demonstrate the different negative effects of the cell phone overuse. First of all, there are some people who cannot stay one minute without checking on their phones. Wherever they are, immediately the phone vibrates, they will take it out and see what are the last news. To illustrate, a young secretary went to a meeting with her boss and suddenly her phone vibrates, the first thing that she did was to take it out and take a look at the phone and started smiling in the middle of the meeting. When she came back to herself, everybody was staring at her. She was very surprised and embarrassed. The use of the cell phone can have another negative effect. There are some people who can not leave their phone at home. If this kind of person leaves his phone at home he will get sick for the day and his illness will become worse every time he sees someone with a phone. For example, one day I went to school without my phone . When I noticed that I left it behind I was already at school. It was a nightmare every time I saw someone with his phone smiling, laughing because I am always watching the time, or check on it to see …I felt so sick that I spent the whole day thinking of it. The last effect is the isolation. Usually, there are some children even when they are out or they are in the middle of a meal, they have an isolated behavior because they are focused on their phone. They do not pay attention to people around them or even to what is going on around them. Sometimes they are not talking to anybody but they can’t put the phone down. They want it open .If they are not looking for someone available to talk to, they will find something else to do but they will not turn it off. To conclude, cell phone is very utile and helpful but the way that people use it can be source of negative effects. The best thing to do is to manage to spend more time with people by reducing the hours spent  in the phone and like this get rid of the bad habit of making of your phone your best friend.


Paragraph 4


Currently, there are more gadgets (7,2 billion) than people (7 billion) in the world, and they’re multiplying five times faster. The abusive use of cellphones is a reality for the most world population. This practice can result in many damages for people. The first reason, a woman who uses the cellphone all the time, even when she is eating or hanging out with her family or friends, can have as a result, several social problems. Also, yet another factor for all this abusive use, with no pause for her brain and body, it will probably resulting in some health problems in a near future. When she is working, she just keeps it her mind on Instagram or Facebook, and the need to recheck the “likes”. So, consequently, her productivity will not be as good as it used to be, because her head has no breaks from the gadget. That is why the abusive use of cellphones needs to be controlled.


Paragraph 5

Are cell phones the new air?

Since cell phones tries to break the distance between people, they are making more distance between human interaction. One in a thousand people is addicted to the use of cell phone all the time. There are three main reasons why people overuse cell phone. The first reason is because they are addicted to social media. Some people cannot even eat without sharing what are they eating, or texting while they are eating. Others can be in the bathroom for hours because they are using the phone. The second one is money, a key for increase a business, in fact 80% of online population had used internet to purchase something, more than 50% of online population shopped online more than once and this practice have many of pros. The third reason is simple, people want to be far of reality, and be in another better one. People change the interest about what makes life something unique for whom have a better and expensive life. Most of the time a person uses the cell phone just to be “in contact” with their friends or more specifically their followers. For this reason people lose the interest about their real friends, the real life and they can forget how it feels to talk with somebody in person. The use the cell phone is alright if you do not abuse of it. And some people do not know when it is enough. As a result of these causes comes the negative effects which are: physical damage to the eyes, ears. Damage to memorize and communication skills. In the worse of the cases, death. Because they walk while they look the phone, or even drive with it.  In this time everything goes around on what we see and the cell phone is the easier way to see everything around us. But do not have to separate one to the other. Do not create a wall between you and real life.


Paragraph 6

A phone slave’s consequences

   Have you ever played with phone on the table at mealtime or in the same place but “Alone together” with your family or friends? Have you ever pretended that your battery was running low to avoid making a phone call? Have you ever forgotten your phone and spent the day jealously looking at other people’s? If you have all three “yes” answers, congratulations! You already became  a phone slave! When you are too dependent on your phone, the fantastic technology even leaded you to worth results. Here there are three pictures of a phone slave’s consequences. The first important effect, you lose your focus. When you are doing homework/job, you are listening to your friends chat on phone at the same time. That makes you not think about your homework/job well. When you are eating, you are playing on phone at the same time. That makes your digestive system function weakly. The second consequence is waste time. When you lose focus, you need to spend more and more time to finish one thing rather than focusing on it. There is only twenty-four hours a day. When you need more time to work, you can only reduce the break time or sleep time. If you reduce work time, you worry about bad grades/work record. So, that will lead to the final effect of becoming a phone slave. Physiological problems and psychological problems appear one after another. You have irregular life. Some time you wake up until midnight. Some time you sleep all day to catch up the sleep. You lose the biological clock. You start to worry a lot. You feel anxious. To sum up, becoming a phone slave is very easy and not noticeable. You may already be or almost is a phone slave. Nobody want to be a phone slave. For this reason, it is time to be vigilant.

Paragraph 7


The excessive bad effects of cell phone use

Cell phone is the most popular gadget in our world that almost all people have one and use it every day. However it has a lot of benefit for us, there are many disadvantages in its excessive usage. At first the most important bad effect on people is that the cell phone make them as an antisocial person. When people live in a virtual world and find a lot of virtual friends, they gradually forget how to enjoy a real communication  with real friends and avoid contact with real one and talk face to face with them. Even people prefer to text to others than to call them today.  The second negative effect of cell phone is on human health. Some researches shows that cell phones have a possible carcinogenic hazard and they increase risk of brain cancer. Finally, with a cell phone on hand people can not concentrate in normal life . For example, they can not seat and eat and enjoy with their family in dinner time without any cell phones inconvenience or they can not go to a picnic and enjoy fresh air and beautiful view without any disturbance of its ring or beep. To sum up, being antisocial, unhealthy and having a pleasure less life are excessive bad effect of cell phone use. The best recommendation for avoiding this harmful effects is that people should manage how and when they should use their cell phone.

Paragraph 8

Overuse cell phone affect youth or society?

    A cell phone is type of technology  that common thing to see every day life. Cell phone is a huge part of most of our life.  Many people overuse cell phone in a negative way. First of all, excessive use of cell phone affect the health. People who limit less phone user. Thus, they affected their eyes, mental and neck problems. Also, they are affected by fatigue, dizziness, headaches and disturbed sleep. In addition, people who are always using cell phone before going to bed may have insomnia and low quantity and quality of sleep. Furthermore, people who look at the cell phone  constantly to see what is going of the world or on the news or Facebook and Twitter, may become anxious and develop depression. The extravagant use of cell phone is results on the anti social effect. People who isolate themselves from others due to the cellphone, harm their own life. For instance, a friend of mine whose son is 25 years old, bought the top of the line phone to her son. Now she sees him becoming addicted to the technology. He is isolating himself even from her. The other effect of mobile phone coordinated with driving  cause car  accidents. Moreover, the cell phone overuse can be especially dangerous in certain situations such as texting or talking on phone while driving. All in all, people are overusing cell phone can be affected terribly by psychological unbalanced, unable to function normally, injured in an accident and anti social behaviour. They should use cell phone for limited time and place otherwise they disaster their life.