Stories below were based on this picture.

Paragraph 1


One handsome young guy who was passing by a railway line and saw an appealing, charming, seductive, young blonde lady tied on railway line. That handsome man felt bad  and decided to help her by untying her from the railway line. She smiled at him as a gesture of thanks while the man  offered her to have a cup a coffee which she accepted. Meanwhile they introduced themselves to each other  and long story short, as obvious, they fell in love, and decided to get married. After the honeymoon period is over, the bitter reality of the woman nature was revealed. Soon after she started intervene into everything  of his hubby dictated him poorly and very often invaded him with forks, knives, shoes or yelled him badly. One day that hapless hubby was cursing the moment when he met that Hitler type lady and  found a ray of hope to get rid of this oppressive dictatorship. He took his Hitler back to that railway line and tied her up back to the same spot and took a deep relieved sigh to thanks the person who first invented the railway line.

Moral : moral of this story is  never untie a beautiful, attractive and charming woman. A woman’s nature cannot be changed.

Paragraph 2

Not everything is what it seems: A “love” story

It was a very quiet day for Andrew, he was walking home and was passing near the railways. Suddenly, tremendous was his surprise when he found a beautiful woman tied hand and feet on the rails of the train. He rushed towards her and quickly untied her because he knew that the next train was not slow to pass. When he untied her, he asked her why she had been in that situation, and she only said that her ex-husband had wanted to kill her. She was very grateful and as a reward for the heroic act that Andrew had with her, she invited him to eat out. Before leaving, Andrew asked her name, Cristine, she answered. The day of their first date came, and they both could know more about each other, but without a doubt what most had called attention to Andrew about Cristine was her impressive beauty. They continued dating a couple of times more, fell in love and after a few months they started a relationship that would later become a marriage, and this is where the story stops being a rainbow and becomes a nightmare for Andrew. Cristine changed and began to behave as she really was, a possessive woman who did not like to do the home chores, considering that she did not like to work and that she wanted that Andrew would buy everything so that she would be happy and could continue showing off her beauty. Everything reached its maximum limit in June 2018, was celebrated the biggest party of the sport that is the FIFA World Cup and she did not let him sit down to watch television for five minutes or so because she wanted him to take her to buy new clothes and shoes. It had been a normal couple discussion until she said  YOU ARE LIKE MY EX-HUSBAND. At that moment, Andrew discovered the reason why her ex-husband did not want to know anything about her and how she can drive any man crazy because of her whims. However, he agreed to go out with her, but not just for shopping, he took her to the same railways where he had saved her and left her tied as he found her. While he was leaving the place he approached to an attractive young man who was passing by and told him that on the railways there was a woman tied up and that he had to go quickly to save and untie her while he went with the police to ask for help. The innocent guy accepted and went as fast as he could and well we all know how it is going to start and finish this new “love” story that has just started.

Moral: the exterior beauty of a woman is not the most important thing in her, the most important one is her values. Before beginning a commitment greater than a friendship, it is good to take your time to meet a person and avoid later regrets.


Paragraph 3

All that glitters is not gold

One day while Tom was walking on the forest. He heard a voice that yelled help, when he saw it was a person lied on the railroad. He suddenly ran to help. When he was near he could realize that it was a woman tied on the rails. While he was unleashing her he thought that she was the most beautiful woman that he had ever seen. Then he asked the lady, “what is your name?” she said, “my name is katty, I am so grateful that you helped me” in that moment they looked each other in the eye and they immediately fell in love. After that Tom invited Katty  on a date. Few days laters they start a romantic relationship where everything was perfect. Tom felt that he had met the love of his live and that it was time to do the next step. One night during a romantic dinner he proposed marriage to Katty, and she happily accepted. The day of the wedding Tom felt he was the luckiest man in the world and the happiness could not be more than that. The first month of the marriage was wonderful. However, a time later Katty started to changing her behavior. Now she bothered everything he did, she complained about his sticky feet, the tv show that he saw, and about how difficult were the shores . Katty fought and yelled all the time, she sounded like a speaker in a store that never stop.  The beautiful dream of Tom had became a terrible nightmare. That was an unlivable situation that made Tom regret about having saved her that day. One day he was frustrated and furious and decided to finish the situation. Then he took her to the railroad where he had found her before and tied her again. It was when he understood why she was in that situation previously. Finally, that day Tom learned that not everything that looks good it is not really good.


Paragraph 4

A lesson of marriage

For some reasons, Margaret was tied on the railway. Hans was passing by there and saw her situation. Hans, of course, as a hero saved the beauty in distress. He untied her and they started to seeing each other. They fell in love and finally stepped into the marriage hall. They held a grand wedding. However, unfortunate Hans fell into Margaret’s trap. She had personality defects and violent tendencies. She yelled all day long. She even hit him with anything she grabbed. Hans tried hard to solve the problem but invalid. Consequently, Hans had a horrible marriage life for many years until he could not take anymore. He tied her again but in the same place. Nice Hans became a man with personality defects and violent tendencies too.

Is marriage a grave of love? No. This story tells us a lesson that just looking at the appearance, not knowing someone well is the grave of marriage.