In today`s technological world is essential to know how to write a review. I asked students to write a review about a place they like to eat out or buy food.
I had some questions to help them organize their outline.
1) What kind of service do they offer?
2) What kind of food do they have?
3) What else can you buy there?
4) Is it easy to get there? Do they have parking?
5) Do they have good customer service?

All paragraphs were written by the students. check them out.

Paragraph 1


How often do you feel tired to get up early to cook on weekends? I love my bed and I usually want to sleep all Sunday and do not want to cook breakfast, so I started to look for some bakery or Deli to eat with my family and I found “RAMMI’S BAGEL”, until now, never have I eaten in a Deli like this, that is the perfect example of “CDF”, I mean Cheaper, Delicious and Faster. This Deli is the most cheaper that I have ever tried. Everything they offer is delicious and I usually do not spend too much time trying to buy due to their website. I check the menu, the price and they have a delivery option. What do you think? You should try it, right? This place offers many different meals that could convince at the most demanding pirate. They have different variety of sandwiches, omelets, breakfast specials, wraps, hot and cold beverages, hot pressed paninis, heroes and of course their own specialty the different kinds of bagels and cream cheese that they make every morning, so the food is really fresh. Also, there are smoothies, juice, even green juice and salads for the diet. You can choose your own ingredients, that’s awesome right? It is a place for kids too, they offer many dessert for them, like muffins, cake, croissants, cookies and many more. The place has a big parking lot and a good place to eat and even if you do not want to go there just call or write in their website and you could have free delivery, of course if you order more than 10 dollars. This Deli offers an excellent customer service, they are kind and helpful and work really hard because “RAMMI’S BAGEL” opens at 5:00am and closes at 4pm. I am really happy with this Deli and never will I change it for another one. You should try it, you and your family could enjoy a good Sunday here, would you like to try a “CDF” Deli?

Paragraph 2

Review of Half Moon

Half Moon is a lovely restaurant, occupies a stunning piece of real estate in Dobbs Ferry on the very edge of the Hudson River with views of the hills across the river. In California there is a half moon bay but here is New York. Not far from Nyack just cross the Tappan Zee Bridge southward about ten miles. Sit outside the small tables, South you can see the skyline of New York City and North you can see the Tappan Zee Bridge. It is mere steps from the Dobbs Ferry train station and the Dobbs Ferry Waterfront Park. Fortunately, If you go to there on May to June, you will see wild geese families with adorable babies playing at the river bank! The restaurant serves traditional American food as crab cake, Spicy calamari salad, prime rib, cheddar and scallion croquettes, lobster roll, , clams and some other kind of food such as ceviche. There also has a variety of desserts. As near by the Dobbs ferry train station, very easy to get there from NY or North. In addition, there is a big parking lot. The waiters are all sweet because they love to work there. One more important point is that their food is inexpensive. So you can see some old people, some young couples, a single lady or big a family there. Choose a nice weather day, go with friends and family!


Paragraph 3

Noches de Colombia Restaurant

    If you are a food lover or enjoy tasting different kind of food from other cultures, I suggest visiting Noches de Colombia Restaurant. In this place you can delight the Colombian food and the delicious flavors of the Latin cuisine. Once you get there you will perceive an amazing pleasant environment where they have an excellent efficient customer service. You have the option where to sit because they have an available outside space which is perfect during summer time. At night, they offer Latin musical shows where you are allowed to sing and dance if you wish. They offer a diversified menu from tasty entries to desserts. One of my favorite plate is the chicharrones with tostones and guacamole and a tropical juice as mango or  soursop. In general it is an experience full of flavor and pleasure where you can share it with your family or friends in an harmonious atmosphere. The location is in the route 59 which is easy to get and they have a capacious parking lot. Do not miss this marvelous adventure!


Paragraph 4

Kaste Bar & Restaurant 

Everyone has a favorite restaurant to eat and have fun at. In my opinion, the best restaurant that you should visit is Kastel Bar & Restaurant. It is located in Haverstraw, a town in Rockland County. This peaceful place has the most delicious food for all the Modern American and Caribbean food lovers out there. Kastel Bar & Restaurant is the most exquisite place to eat and share with your family or friends and is truly one of the finest restaurant in Rockland County. Every time I walk in to the Kastel Bar & Restaurant, I obtain the best feeling. No matter how many times I go, I always love to observe what is around me. Each and every comforting smile the employees have on their faces and the soft reggae music playing, always makes me feel relaxed. When I breathe in the aroma of the food, it always reminds me of how hungry I am. They offer a wide variety of food such as salads, soups, appetizers, desserts, entrees, pasta, coffee, tea and wine, but all of them focused on Modern American and Caribbean food. For example, it comes to my mind the Caribbean Style Jerk Chicken, a grill chicken marinade with lime juice and served with salad and mashed potatoes, this is like angel’s food. The only thing I can complain about the restaurant is the lack of parking, being located directly on a main street, they can not offer private parking. Thus, you should look for parking in the surroundings, something not very difficult but sometimes annoying if you are extremely hungry. To finish just say that if you want to enjoy something different, great hospitality and impeccable service in an elegant restaurant, you should definitely visit Kastel Bar & Restaurant.

Paragraph 5


When I buy cakes and bread, I go to Paris Baguette at Palisades Park in New Jersey. In addition, when I meet my friends, I use that place as well. Furthermore the store is near my house.

The Paris Baguette is in the nice building and there are many parking spots for their customers to easily access the store whose facilities and environment are comfortable and clean. All sort of fresh breads and salads in the display cases  are well arranged for the customers.. They also have a lot of cakes and coffee as their prime service. Moreover, They have their own ice cream with milk, honey, soybeans, dried grapes, small rice cakes, and other fresh fruits. Especially lots of Korean enjoy this ice cream in summer season and I also love this ice cream.

First of all, whenever I come into a store, the smell of coffee and friendly workers greet me. Nevertheless, the prices are inexpensive. All employees are very kind and always smile. Their customer service is excellent.

Sometimes my family would use Paris Baguette to enjoy dessert after family celebration. I always like to recommend Paris Baguette to my American neighbors.

Paragraph 6

Noches de Colombia

Are you living here in the USA for a long time? And are you from Brazil? So I am pretty sure you miss the greatest Brazilian combination of rice and beans. In the restaurant Noches de Colombia, located in Nanuet – NY, they offer a very similar food, and you can perfectly remember the taste of Brazil.  Besides our beloved rice and beans, they have a wide range of food, for example, portions, seafood, roast beef, salads. Moreover, they can also offer to you your favorite drink. Is it a margarita, mojito or a natural juice? They have it!!! And I didn’t tell you about the desserts yet. You should try the dark chocolate cake. It is a piece of heaven. Or if chocolate is not your thing, choose what you love in their amazing dessert menu. If you have questions, the staff is always ready to help and attend you in the best way. It is very easy to get in Noches the Colombia, and there you can park easily. Note the address (365 West Route 59, Nanuet, NY 10954) and do not waste more time. Enjoy it!!!