Some weeks ago, two big names have brought up the discussion about depression. the designer Kate Spade and the chef and TV celebrity Anthony Bourdain have both ended their lives due to depression.  Two great renown professionals who lives seemed to be well stabled in terms of career and family. Unfortunately depression plays the game of life strong enough to take a person`s life total control.

I asked my students to write about depression.

Please, keep in mind that all essays below were written by students in Level 5.

Essay 1

Struggling with depression

Depression  is a common and serious mental disorder that have taken millions of lives. It is characterized by the feeling of being sad, discouraged, hopeless and general lack of interest or pleasure in life. Depression affects nearly 10% of adult Americans over age of 18. It can be caused by multiple factors and affects adolescent as well as adults. The symptoms can be from a feeling of sadness and  isolation to commit suicide. Although there are a lot of causes of situations that lead to depression, I want empathize on three of them; specific stressful events, female hormones, and social isolation.

The most common cause of depression are stressful events. People who have family members with medical history of depression are more genetically predisposed to develop depression in any stage of their lives if  is added to those people an stressful event such as, bereavement, chronic illness, relationships problems and financial difficulties.  In addition, without the combination of genetic susceptibility, powerful stressful events can  drive to  depression by themselves. For example, a  child who is  sexually abused, a woman being psychologically or physically abused or a teaneger who is victim of bullying. Those are relevant problems that are happening  in our society which cause major depression and a high percent of those cases end in suicide.

The second source of depression is the female hormone sex. In women depression is twice more frequent than in man. The reason of that is because women experiment a hormonal fluctuation every month. Two weeks before and during  the menstruation the level of estrogen decrease which low the level of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that improve the mood. In this period they are emotionally susceptible and are prone to depression while men have a constant hormonal balance and can have an appropriate manage of their frame of mind.  Moreover, woman can present depression in postpartum and during the menopausal transition because of hormonal imbalances.

The third factor that frequently cause depression is  the social isolation. Being cast out of the family or social group may lead to the feeling of downbeat. For instance,  there are people who faced rejection from their family because of sexual preferences or lifestyle which their are not agree with. This people start to feel  alone and latest they may develop a mayor depression. Furthermore, people who have a physical malformation or incapacity are victims of some cruel comments and are discriminated by the society. they are conducted to a solitary life and their self esteem is affected. The depression can take advantages of those individuals who are emotionally affected and separated from  a social life.

In conclusion, depression is a mental disorder that may affect any person in a difficult situation in the live. People genetically predisposed with a distress, changes in hormones and being rejected by others can develop depression easily. I think that every of us had been experimented depression sometime in our life. However, that is a fight which we have to win and try to see the positive side of the every negative event that happen to us. Talk with someone if you are struggling with depression and do not be afraid to ask for help.

Essay 2

Sad facts of Depression


This topic reminds me to think how high the depression rate of China! According to a research in 2017, there are 54 million people with depression and of those, only 20% of patients received treatment. I have three of them. One has already died of suicide, one sometimes is good and sometimes bad. I would like to share a story about Walter, the third. Walter is my friend who once has been suffering from depression for a long time. Also his mother had the same problem. I knew from them that depression can be inherited. We all want to help Walter but we need to know more about the cause of depression. After studied, I understood little bit about depression and I knew I could do something for Walter.

In the first place, what cause depression? Genetic, stressful and emergency situations can cause depression. People who do not have related information will think that their human being is bad or they have lower education. It is why people even look down on melancholia. In fact, Walter is smarter than many people I know. He is a nice guy. His problem the main reason is that his brain lacks certain hormones. In addition, the problem of maladjustment due to  immigration from Beijing to Hong Kong. He need to go to the hospital, no need to be shame. I persuaded him to go to the hospital and urged him to take medicine on time. Since then, he is taking medicine to help him keep away from depression.

Second, patients with depression are usually accompanied by the following symptoms: loss of energy, altered appetite, increased or decreased sleep, anxiety, decreased attention, indecisiveness, restlessness, conscious uselessness, guilt or despair, and the idea of self-mutilation or suicide. What was Walter’s symptom of depression? He used to have social problems because he couldn’t talk with the people who speak Cantonese. He doesn’t like the highly competitive environment. He started to have affective disorders. His mood swings all the time. Sometimes he thinks himself is the smartest one, quarrel with others. Sometimes he worries that colleague grabbed his client. He couldn’t sleep but on bed all extra time. He never tell us but I have seen a mark on his neck. As a friend, I understand that those are pathological condition. He needs help. In addition to urging him to go to the hospital, It is helpful to just be his audience or go out with him for a hiking.

Finally, everyone has the own personality but no one want add “disorder” after the word “personality”. Then How to prevent it? Specific to Walter, he must be willing to save himself. After got doctor’s help, his mood was relatively stable. He had analyzed his own situation, made few right decisions. He moved back to Beijing where he was used to and has family there. Also he tried hard to be more easy going, be stronger, open mind, understand that noone is perfect. Do not be ashamed, have needs, just ask help sooner. He receiving reality, peaceful coexistence with inherited mental illness but happier than before.

To sum up, for mental illness discrimination, not only exists in China, but also in all countries of the world. Even some patients themselves are inferior to themselves. People should know, depression can be treated as Walter did. Patients need help and we all can help. Let them get help promptly.

Essay 3

A drowning feeling

Everyone has a bad day and many times you feel this desire to cry having a feeling of rejection, you could have a depressed mood, feel stress out, and confused but what happens when this feeling maintaining for longs periods of time, making you feel the worst person on the universe, that start to become a several medical illnesses called Major Depressive Disorder or “Depression”. Around the world, 350 millions of people suffer from depression and 788 mil people kill them self. Despite the adult tend to get more frequently this disease, children tend to be more affected by this, if this is not treated correctly. According to American Psychiatric Association “Depression” is a common and serious illness that affects how you feel, you think and you act, even cause feelings of sadness and loss of interest in your favorite activities, leading a variety of emotional and physical problems. Usually, this disease appears when people feel excluded, ashamed and bullied.

First, some phrase said, “The depression is like drowning, except that you can see everyone around you breathing.” That is a loneliness feeling that could be dangerous.  Also,  an extreme exclusion that is really powerful because sometimes many people have a social and family problems, for example, many of their coworkers do not invite them to parties, games, or as soon as do they are around their partners go out, that creates a feeling of loneliness. Likewise, the family exclusion or neglect of children could be harmer that everything. They start to feel unsupported, helpless and alone for instance, when the father does not be affectionate with his daughter or when the family does not pay attention to their children. Also, no sooner as do your daughter start to talk you start to watch your phone or as soon as your brother gives an idea all your family said that is dumb or do not pay attention to it.

Secondly, an ashamed feeling gets an unstable, shy, and quiet person. Many teenagers are ashamed of their body, for example, some chubby teenagers complain about their body because they look fat or someones tell them hurtful phrases about how they look, and then they start to be shy and quiet, but never will you get the perfect body because no one has the perfect one. In addition, adults usually are ashamed to be part of the middle or lower-class that makes them feel lower than their coworkers or neighbors, for example, no sooner as do their friend buy a new car then they feel jealous, look their car as trash and start to keep away their friends becoming lonely.

Finally, the depression makes a strong impact on people, because many of the symptoms usually remain more than 2 weeks, can you imagine feel social and family excluded or be ashamed of everything about you? Just imagine a kid that feels like that because he is bullied. The bullying could create these depressed moods. On schools and high schools, rarely have children learned the importance of respect, they are just kids and unknown the damage that can produce for example, call every day “fat” , “ugly” or  “stupid” to someone, at the end of the day they will start to think if they really are like this or if someone really love them.

Indeed, Depression became a common and serious illness affecting your daily activities, giving you a depressed mood like loneliness and sadness that keep running for more than 2 weeks. In perspective, the most of time this diseases appear when people feel family and social excluded, ashamed of their own body or social position and when are bullied in different ways. The most that family and friend can do, is keep holding on. The family should pay more attention to their children attitude and behavior then you may give support to them. If you or your family feel like this, you have been treated by a health professional that could help you to breathe.

 Essay 4    

Causes of depression

Mental illness is a common  disease that prone to depression. It is for people who feel insecure about themselves in their environment.However, adolescent is more vulnerable in that situation at school for three reasons such as shyness, bullying, and laziness.

Shyness is a kind of condition that lead to depression. It is a kind of mental problem that spread through  the sphere. A shy student who is always out of group face. Most of the times the group is always focus on him. However the best way to approach him is by bullying , because he is shy he can not resist with. So he start crying. That could lead him to depression.

Mental illness develops easily at school, because they can not resist bullying. They tend to exclude themselves among groups. That lead them to isolate themselves at  the recess time. Thinking in this long period of leisure time and can not do anything after and the teacher would ask him what is going on  and family will do the same and friend also, that question would embarrass him for some reason and could lead to depression.

As regard to the reason announced above the student can not improve very well and the teacher would compel the student to give more. When the student does not show improvement in school, it can be labeled as laziness which is a kind of judgment people use  to offend people. When that repeat too much the situation would be worst and then the student  would be for somehow lead to depression

To sum up, depression can occur after bullying at school, shyness, and laziness as a mental disease. Before depression gets worse, teach the students how to bounce with them because they have to deal with them.


Essay 5

Change people’s course

Even though depression is a common topic, it seems that people still have a big stigma related to it. Many people think that a depressed person is lazy or just want to get attention from the others, instead, this is a mental illness which anyone is prone to acquire, apart from race, social class or creed. People with depression can suffer from different symptoms, including: feeling vulnerable and being oversensitive to criticism; loss of energy and the ability to concentrate and be motivated to do even the simplest tasks; harming oneself. It seems to be the century disease, and its causes may vary, but it is mainly attributed to bereavement, peer pressure associated to bullying and generic.

The fact is, people have different ways to deal with problems, a person who loses a relative can feel sad and at the same time can console a family member or a friend, on the other hand, there are many others who cannot recover from this loss. Last year, Chris Cornell, from the Soundgarden Band, has committed suicide, he has struggled against depression for much of his life; sadly, his best friend, Chester Bennington, from Linkin Park band, couldn’t deal with this loss, and one month later, he also took his life, it the same way as Cornell. This is one more case in United States in the last year, but according to a research on Wikipedia, on average, there are 121 suicides per day in the country.

Recently a series called “13 Reasons Why” brought this theme as a boom. It was very criticized in both sides: good and bad. The plot is interesting because it tells the history of a low self-esteem high schooled girl who was raped by a colleague. She didn’t know how to handle her feelings, so, she ended up recording 13 tapes explaining why she took her life. It brings up how our particular actions can interfere at others life. Bullying is a terrible way to oppress people, specially at school, when children and teenagers do not have maturity to deal with negative criticism or the peer pressure. Besides that, social media has became a huge oppressor, seeing that it ranks your popularity by “follower” and “likes”, in other words, in the current society, you must have a great number of it, otherwise, you are considered as a loser.

Interesting is to realize that not only famous people, or fiction stories characters face depression, people around you may be struggling with this illness. I used to have a neighbor who had depression for many years. I recall she stayed months in a rehab clinic to recover herself after attempting suicide. Fortunately, she got to overcome this phase, however, years later, her older daughter also suffered with this disease. This particular case reassert what scientists say, they believe that as many as 40 percent of those with depression can trace it to a genetic link; research has also shown that people with parents or siblings who have depression are up to three times more likely to have the condition.

During the day, dozens of people pass through us; they may be going to work, or jogging on the sidewalk or even stopped beside of us on the train station. No matter what we are doing or where we are, barely never are we alone, and it means that someone is observing us. The point is, if people is observing us, we can impact them positively or negatively. Each of our actions may cause something in other’s life. Therefore, why can’t we be nicer? Smile more? Greeting more? Maybe someone around us needs to hear something good today to cheer itself up and succeed in dealing with a problem or a health issue. Fairy tales can be boring for some people, but if there is one thing that I have learned with Cinderella Movie is that in life you only need to have courage and be kind, thus things will be better for you and for people around. She is right, we can change people’s course with kindness. Why don’t you try it today?

Essay 6